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Visualize your wonderful characters

with Mannequin Character Generator, a 2D character sprite generator crafted for Visual Novel developers and Virtual YouTubers. Get it now:

Alternatively, you can watch how it works in this video, or learn more about its features below.

Various templates available

providing vast options for clothing styles, hairstyles, expressions and poses. Combine with the option to adjust color for almost every part, and you'll get near-infinite possibilities.

Scalable vector-based 2D assets

allows output with theoretically unlimited resolution. Ready for your ambitious 4K projects or maybe just extremely detailed face zoom-ins.

Export to multiple formats

to suit your development workflow. Use the PNG option for fast importing to various game engines, layered PSD for more meticulous adjustments, or SVG for maximum resolution freedom. You can also make fully rigged VTuber models via Inochi2D export!

Various time-saving features

ready to help you work faster, such as multiple clothing/hairstyle/expression management, batch exporting, or splitting expressions from the rest of body parts.

Built to be mod-friendly

with no hidden or encrypted assets and configurations related to its content. Guide to make your own mods is available in the official documentation.