What is Mannequin?
Mannequin is a 2D character sprite generator which is designed for video game developers, especially visual novel and JRPG creators. With it, you can create full-body character sprites with various poses, clothing styles, hairstyles and expressions. 
Mannequin is fine-tuned with ease of use as its focus. If you're an artist or have an artist in your team, you will find Mannequin's simple interface useful for quick prototyping. If you're not an artist, then you'll find that its high-quality output can match a lot of other games' art, so you can confidently use it for production.
You are free to use any of your exported character files in your personal and commercial projects. However, any downloadable content not made by us (AR14) is subject to their own individual license. Please read every DLC license carefully and honor their terms.​​​​​​​
Pro and Lite Version
There are two primary versions of Mannequin: Lite version which is free but comes with limited functionality, and Pro version which is availabe to purchase with an one-time payment. There are no subscription. All of the official DLCs are, and will be available for free.
The limitation of the Lite version compared to the Pro version are:
Lite Version
PNG export only
Single image export only
No export layer configuration option
Not compatible with downloadable content
Pro Version
PNG, PSD and SVG export
Batch export available
Export layer configuration possible
Compatible with downloadable content
Batch export is used to export all of the available combination of expression, hairstyle and clothing styles of your character within a single process.
Export layer configuration enables you to choose between exporting all layers, or splitting between face parts and the remainder of your character. This is a common practice in the visual novel development scene which has the benefit of greatly reducing the number of sprites needed, therefore reducing the size of your game.
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