Installing Mannequin (Steam)
Mannequin is currently available for Early Access on Steam. After purchasing, you can install the app by clicking the 'Install' button in the Library View. Please note that as Mannequin is categorized as a software/tool instead of game, it won't appear in the 'All Games' section in the main library view. Instead, you can look into the sidebar area while optionally also limit the filter to 'Software' only to find it quicker.
You can also switch to the Nightly builds, which are more frequently updated with in-progress features but are potentially less stable, using the Properties window. To access this, click the gear icon on the left side of the library view. In the Properties window that shows up, switch to 'Betas' tab and choose 'nightly' in the drop-down menu.
Installing Mannequin (
Mannequin is currently available for download on We strongly recommend using the desktop app to install and update Mannequin, as it provides very useful features such as automatic updates and download size optimization to help you save bandwidth significantly.
After opening the desktop app, you can use the search feature on the top-left to find Mannequin, or type in the address bar.
After that, you can click the 'Install' button on the bottom-right, and the installation wizard will open. There are various versions available:
Lite version is free of charge and comes with some limitations, most notably in export functions and the ability to use downloadable contents (DLCs).
Pro version can be obtained with a one-time purchase, and comes with full functionality.
Nightly version is included with your purchase of the Pro version, and provides a sneak peek into what's next in the development of Mannequin. New features and content which are still in development are available here for you to try, but the in-development preview nature of this version also means higher probability of bugs.
DLCs are included with your purchase of the Pro version, and can be installed after the Pro and/or Nightly version to add more content into the library.
All of them can be installed at the same time without overwriting each other.
After installation is completed, you can launch Mannequin using the 'Launch' button which now replaces the 'Install' button. If you have multiple versions installed, you will be shown a list of which version that you want to open. 
To install other versions and/or DLCs after your first installation is complete, you can click the gear icon on the bottom-right, beside the Install/Launch button. A list containing all of the available items to download/install will be shown. If you click the 'Manage' button on the right side of each installed item, you can view more information about them and uninstall if needed.
Welcome Screen
After launching Mannequin, you will be greeted by the welcome screen. From here, you can click 'Create New' to create a new character file based on the default template, 'Open Character...' to browse your computer for existing character files that you've saved before, and 'Open This Sample' to create a new character file based on the sample character that is shown on the left side of the screen.
Below the buttons mentioned above, you can also find a list of recent files that you've worked on, and the latest news regarding Mannequin's development which is pulled from our Twitter account.​​​​​​​
Editor Screen
After creating a new character or opening a character file, you will be presented with the editor screen. The main centerpoint of this screen is, of course, the preview section which displays the preview image of your character. 
On the top side of the screen you can find a toolbar which consists of several controls:
Save button.
Undo and Redo button.
Refresh button, which is used to re-render your character on the preview section. Sometimes a glitch on your character preview image can be fixed using this.
Canvas border toggle, which is used to toggle the canvas border line in the preview section.
A toggle to switch between Plain or Checkered background in the preview section, and a color code input to change the background color. You can input the color code directly, or click the downward triangle icon to open the color picker interface.
A zoom level input, which can be edited directly or changed between several preset numbers by clicking on the downwards triangle icon.
Most of the functionality regarding character customization is available inside the tabbed sidebar which is positioned on the left side of the screen. You can find more detailed information about how to use them by reading other pages in this documentation.
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