The Export Sidebar
The Export sidebar is the sixth topmost tab of the sidebar, which is available on the left side of the screen. From this tab you can export your character portrait image into various formats.
At this moment, you can export to PNG, SVG or PSD. PSD exports are separated into layers, giving more control for those who wanted to make further edits after the export. You can enable Supersampling on both bitmap export options (PNG and PSD) to render the exported image at twice the resolution before resizing it to the final image size. Theoretically this should improve sharpness and anti-aliasing.
Different applications have different ways of interpreting SVG codes, so use the SVG Optimization drop-down menu to optimize the output for your vector graphic design application of choice. Currently, Mannequin has optimizations for Inkscape (Free and Open Source) and Illustrator (part of Adobe Creative Cloud). 
Unfortunately, Affinity Design still has some bugs regarding SVG that has to be sorted in their side first. We have reported the bugs to the developers of Affinity Design and will monitor the progress periodically. You can see the bug reports here:
From this section you can choose between exporting a single image or multiple images (every combination of your character's Expressions, Hairstyles and Clothing Styles) into a folder. You can also choose between various layer selections: All Layers, Without Face, Face Only, Front Hair or Clothing Only. Using these options can optimize your game size, for example by only using a single full-body image without face and multiple face-only images which are then combined at game runtime via the game engine.
When 'Batch' export mode is selected, you can also choose what poses to export through the 'Exported Poses' sub-section. Click 'Add/Edit' to choose poses using the library window. 
In the library window, you can click on a thumbnail to select the corresponding pose, and click again to deselect it. Once you are done with your selection, click 'Continue'.
You can also quickly remove selected poses without going through the library window by using the trash can icon on the right side of each pose name, or clicking 'Clear' button to remove all of them. The currently active pose is always on the list and cannot be removed.
From this section you can choose your target resolution for the image export. Currently, all image export are locked into a fixed proportion (1:2, 640 pixel x 1280 pixel by default), therefore changing one parameter will adjust other parameters automatically.
After you have done setting everything up, just click the export button! In 'Single' export mode, Mannequin will render/prepare the file first, and then open a save dialog box for you to choose where you want to save the exported file. In 'Batch' export mode, you will be prompted to choose a folder first, then Mannequin will render and save all the image files in the specified folder. Warning: Any file with conflicting names will be overwritten!
You can see the current batch export progress in the dialog box that shows up. From this window, you can also abort the current batch export operation. Aborting operation will not delete any of the images that are already exported.
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