Installing Official DLCs
At this moment, all of the official DLCs from us are already packaged inside the app. The reason we're doing this instead of putting every items in the default library is for better file management and also for continuously testing and improving Mannequin's behavior in dealing with DLCs that is made by you!
Installing Community-Made DLCs
To add community-made DLCs into the app, first you need to download and extract the DLCs that you wanted to use in your computer. Almost any location is fine as long as there will be no problem regarding access control. After that, just add the folder location into the app via the 'Custom Library Locations' section on the Preferences sidebar.
In this example, we have extracted a sample DLC into C:\mannequin-example-dlc\
Then we add the corresponding folder location into Mannequin.
After these steps, the DLC should appear in the drop-down menu at the top right of the library window.
If you wanted to add multiple DLCs, adding the folder location one by one as shown above is understandably too much of an effort. As an alternative, you can put all of your extracted DLCs into the same folder, and add that folder (which contains all of your extracted DLCs) to the 'Custom Library Locations' list.
In the example below, we have three DLCs located in the same folder, C:\mannequin-multiple-dlc-example
Next, we add the corresponding folder to Mannequin.
As you can see below, all of the three example DLCs are registered.
Please note that the structure shown in the example above is the only way to do it. DLCs placed inside a subfolder like this example below (dlc-example-d and dlc-example-e) won't be detected by Mannequin.
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