Preparing Your DLC Folder
Your DLC folder should follow this structure in order to be compatible with Mannequin:
components folder is used to store all of the graphic assets (SVG files) that will be rendered by Mannequin. 
configs folder is used to store all of the template comfigurations (JSON files) that will be parsed by Mannequin. 
thumbnails folder is used to store all of template thumbnails (PNG files) included in your DLC. The thumbnail for each clothing template configuration should have the same filename, with only the extension being different.
mannequin-library.json file is your DLC configuration/identification, which contains its name, id, and other things.
All of these items should always be present inside. Otherwise, Mannequin will ignore your DLC folder.
DLC Configuration File
If you're not yet familiar with JSON, this material can help you get up to speed before starting to work with your own DLC configuration file. Your mannequin-library.json file should look like this:
    "id": "myCustomDLC",
    "authorid": "myID",
    "name": "My Custom DLC",
    "authorname": "My Name",
    "url": "",
    "authorurl": ""
id and authorid are used for identification inside the app to distinguish one DLC from another. They should always use alphanumeric characters only. name and authorname can contain various characters, as they are the ones that will be displayed in the user interface. url and authorurl, of course, should contain valid URLs.
At the time of writing, authorname, url, and authorurl is not shown in the application interface yet. The screenshot below is taken from the latest nightly build and will be added in the next stable update.
Adding Your DLC Folder to Mannequin
After creating your DLC folder with the appropriate structure and configuration, you can follow the same steps explained in this section to add your own custom DLC into Mannequin.
After your DLC is successfully added, the value of name variable in your mannequin-library.json file will show up in the drop-down menu at the top-left of the library window.
At this moment, DLC only accommodates custom clothing templates due to the planned template structure change for face elements and hairstyle. Once the template structure change has been done, custom face (brow, eyes, mouth) and custom hairstyle templates will also be accomodated.
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