The Clothing Sidebar
The Clothing sidebar is the fifth topmost tab of the sidebar, which is available on the left side of the screen. From this tab you can change your character's clothing by mixing and matching multiple clothing templates.
Clothing Styles
Your character can have multiple clothing styles, which is a combination of multiple clothing templates (including their color settings), in a single file. This section will allow you to manage those clothing styles easily.
Use the right-pointing triangle on the right side of the clothing style name to switch between all of the available clothing styles. From the drop-down menu that opens, you can also choose to add a new clothing style, or manage all of the available hairstyles using a more granular interface.
A newly created character will only have 'Default' clothing style initially. The screenshot below is an example with other clothing styles added.
Below the currently active clothing style name, you can use the available buttons to (from left to right): Delete currently active clothing style; Edit current clothing style's name; Load clothing style from an external file; Save current clothing style to an external file.
Saving and loading clothing styles are done through .mqnc file. Loading a clothing style from a .mqnc file will overwrite your currently active clothing style with the data obtained from the .mqnh file. If you want to load a clothing style from file without overwriting your currently active clothing style, then you can use the Clothing Style Manager which can be accessed by clicking 'Manage Clothing Styles...' on the drop-down menu pictured above. 
From this window, you can do various things as explained by the picture. Clicking a clothing style will select it, and clicking again will deselect it. When multiple clothing styles are selected, using the save function will save all of those selected clothing styles into a single file. Clothing styles loaded from external file through this window will appear as new entries, rather than overwriting existing ones.
Adding Clothing Templates
To add a clothing template for the current clothing style, click the 'Add' button at the bottom of the clothing sidebar. If you have multiple clothing templates already equipped, you might have to scroll down to be able to see this button.
After clicking the 'Add' button, the library window will appear, showing all of the available clothing templates for the currently active base template used by your character.
You can switch between multiple libraries via the drop-down menu at the top-left side of the library window. More libraries are added by installing DLCs. Currently, all DLCs made by us are included with the default installation, but depending on the content size it might be packaged into separate downloads in the future.
Clothing templates are divided into five categories: Tops, Skirts/Pants, Outerwears, Footwear and Accessories. Every clothing templates has a definite layer IDs, which are indicated by the number beside their name. Clothing templates with higher layer ID will be placed over the one with lower ID. For example, Leggings (layer ID: 1) will be worn underneath Sport Shorts (layer ID: 2). This means that you can have multiple items from the same category equipped at the same time as long as they have different layer IDs.
Adding a clothing template while another with the same category and layer ID is already equipped will replace the one which is already equipped (example pictured above), except for accessories which has another identification in their template filename. For example, multiple earrings/ear piercings can be used in the same time, even though all of them have identical layer IDs.
After you've added a clothing template into the current clothing style, the correspoding clothing template configuration interface will appear in the clothing sidebar.
Removing Clothing Templates
To remove a clothing template from the currently active clothing style, click 'Remove' on its corresponding section in the clothing sidebar. To remove all clothing templates from the currently active clothing style, click the 'Clear All' button which is available at the bottom of clothing sidebar. 
Adjusting Colors of Clothing Templates
A clothing template can have more than one color groups, depending on the template configuration. You can see which color group ID changes what element in the clothing by looking at the corresponding thumbnails.
To change any of the color parameters available, you can input a hexadecimal color code in the corresponding input field or access the color picker by clicking the right pointing triangle at the right side of the input field.
If you are playing with 'Advanced' color mode a lot, then you might want an easier way to copy-paste the highlight, base, shadow, backlight and stroke color all at once. To do this, click the copy-paste advanced color buttons which is available on the right side of each clothing color group label.
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