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The first thing that you should do if Mannequin completely breaks is of course contacting us either via Steam Community Forum, Community Forum, Mannequin's Discord Server, our Twitter account, or our e-mail. However, below are some easy-to-do fixes that often helps (these solutions usually apply to problems that is not reproducible by us developers):

Verify integrity of software files (Steam)

To do this, right-click Mannequin Character Generator in your Steam library, click Properties, open Local Files tab, and then click Verify integrity of software files button. Steam will verify if there are missing/corrupt files present, and try to re-download those files again.

Delete user preferences

To do this, close Mannequin Character Generator and delete these folders:

  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Mannequin on Windows.
  • ~/.config/Mannequin on Linux.
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Mannequin on macOS.

After that, launch Mannequin Character Generator again.


It might seems stupid but it has proven to work multiple times.

Getting More Error Details

We try our best to display any errors on-screen with the option to copy the error message for easier reporting. However, sometimes the displayed error message is not enough for us to determine the exact problem so here's some additional steps to get more error details:

  • Right-click Mannequin Character Generator in your Steam Library View, choose Properties, and in the window that shows up, look for Launch Options. Fill the input field with --debug, and then launch Mannequin Character Generator again. The Developer Tools section will show up alongside the app, and in this section you can switch to Console tab to find any error messages (colored in red).
  • Even better, if you are familiar with the use of command line (Command Prompt/PowerShell/Terminal), you can navigate to Mannequin Character Generator's installation directory and run Mannequin Character Generator from the command line with these arguments: --debug --trace-warnings. The Developer Tools will be enabled, and other errors might also shows up in the command line.

We usually won't ask for this unless we somehow cannot replicate the reported bug in our test systems. Currently we have multiple Windows test systems (a desktop, a laptop, and a VM), Linux test systems (Fedora 36-based VMs) and a macOS test sytem (2018 Mac Mini running Monterey). Your help with additional informations regarding bugs that you are experiencing is very useful and greatly appreciated.