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Installing Mods

Steam Workshop

If you are using the Steam version of Mannequin Character Generator, you can utilize the Steam Workshop functionality for easy mod management. In the Welcome Screen, there is another tab beside Recent Files labeled Steam Workshop. Opening this tab will reveal additional controls.

You can click Browse Steam Workshop to open Mannequin Character Generator's Steam Workshop page in your browser. There, you can find any workshop items that you like and Subscribe to them.

After subscribing for workshop items in your browser, you can go back to Mannequin Character Generator and click Synchronize Subscriptions. Mannequin Character Generator will fetch all of your subscribed items, download them and manage them in your local storage. All of your subscribed item will appear on the list, and you can Unsubscribe from each one individually.

If you're not using a custom installation location setting inside your desktop app, you can simply install any mods to the default installation location and Mannequin Character Generator will automatically scan them. The default installation location is located in different places depending on your OS:

  • C:\Users\[yourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\itch on Windows (Vista and up)
  • /home/[yourUserName]/.config/itch/apps on Linux
  • /Users/[yourUserName]/Library/Application Support/itch on macOS

If you're using a custom installation location instead or prefer not using the desktop app, then you can download the mods' ZIP files and use the Manual Mod Installation below. Please note that unlike Steam Workshop, there is no way to filter Mannequin Character Generator's mods among other items in storefront. At the moment we're tagging our mod examples in with the mannequin tag. We also maintain a list of mods that are known to us here.

Manual Mod Installation

To install mods from other places manually, first you must locate the mod files inside your local storage. If the downloaded mod files is packed inside an archive (.zip, .rar, .7z or others) then you must extract it first.

After locating the mod files, you can go to Mannequin Character Generator's Preferences sidebar, and find the Custom Mod Location section. Click Add and then browse for your downloaded mod files in the file browser window that shows up.

Choose the folder where mannequin-library.json is located, or one level above that. Doing the latter can benefit you if you are collecting multiple mods in a single place, like this:


├── myDownloadedMod1/
│ ├── components/
│ ├── configs/
│ ├── thumbnails/
│ └── mannequin-library.json

├── myDownloadedMod2/
│ ├── components/
│ ├── configs/
│ ├── thumbnails/
│ └── mannequin-library.json

└── myDownloadedMod3/
├── components/
├── configs/
├── thumbnails/
└── mannequin-library.json

In above example, you can just add myModCollectionFolder to the Custom Mod Location, and myDownloadedMod1, myDownloadedMod2, myDownloadedMod3 will be automatically added to Mannequin Character Generator.