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Creating Custom Brow Template

Brow Template Configuration File#

A brow template configuration file is a JSON file which should be located inside the /configs subfolder of your mod. There are specific rules for the filename of these files:


Both [browstyle] and [browexpression] should only contains alphanumeric characters and underscores. Use [browstyle] to describe the brow shape or style, such as thick or thin. Use [browexpression] to describe the brow expression, such as neutral or frown.

You can see various examples of these filename rules in the Default Library, which is available in the /library subfolder inside Mannequin's installation directory.

Data Structure#

Below is an example of a clothing template file taken from the default library, brow-round_asym.json

"name" : "Round (Asymmetric)",
"left" : "p", "right" : "s"

name is the template name that will be displayed in Mannequin's user interface. For brow templates, you should use this format: [Brow Style] ([Brow Expression]). Examples might be Thin (Neutral), Thick (Frown), Thick (Happy). When viewed in Mannequin's library window, brows will be grouped by brow style into a 'folder'. Users then will be able to click these 'folders' to reveal more brow templates with the same style.

left and right determines the variant code, which will affect the required SVG filename. SVG filename for brow has this pattern: body-brow-[variant]-[pose].svg. The code for [pose] is determined by pose template file, and the code for [variant] is determined by the value of left and right.

By default, Mannequin will look for this SVG file inside the default library folder. If you are making your own DLC and want to use your own graphic assets inside your own DLC's /components subfolder, you can add [your_dlc_authorid]:[your_dlc_id]/ at the beginning of left or right.

Brow Art Assets#

The color palette of your brow templates' graphic assets should always be limited to these:

  • Fill (both solid and gradients): #563426 (base color), #6B4839 (highlight color), #2D201C (shadow color), #F5F5F5 (backlight color)
  • Stroke: #211B15
  • Fill for cast shadows (both solid and gradients): #151515