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The Body Sidebar

The Body sidebar is the second topmost tab of the sidebar, which is available on the left side of the screen. From this tab you can change between the available body templates, poses, head shapes, ear shapes, adjust the body size, position, and change the skin color.

Body Shape & Size

This section shows the currently active base template, head and ear shape you're using, and provides the option to change it via the folder icon on the right side of the body template name. Clicking this icon will show the library window which list all of the available options.

From this window, you can select the base template, head shape or ear shape that you want to use by clicking on the thumbnail and then clicking the Continue button.

After choosing a different base template, a dialog window will show up to give you additional options regarding which aspect of the character that you want to keep:

  • Art Style Settings
  • Skin Color
  • Head Shape
  • Ear Shape
  • Scale and Position
  • Expressions
  • Hairstyles
  • Clothing Styles

Please keep in mind that even though you've chosen to keep your current clothing styles, some items might be incompatible due to the different configurations of the clothing templates. Some clothing templates are compatible with all base templates, some are not. If there are incompatible clothing items present, a dialog window will open, prompting you to remove those items.

You can also adjust your character's overall body scale, head scale (relative to the overall scale), various body part size, and character position in the canvas from this section.


Head size tend to grow at a smaller rate compared to the entire body, so increase the overall scale and decrease the head scale to make your character taller/older and vice versa. Below is an example of this practice in action.

Body Scale Comparison


Pose & Position

From this section, you can change your character's pose and position in the canvas. Similar to base template, you just need to click the folder icon on the right side of the pose label. The library window will show up and you can select the pose that you want to use by clicking on the thumbnail then clicking the Continue button.

You can also adjust your character position in the canvas by filling the Position Adjustment. Positive X values will move your character to the right, whereas positive Y values will move your character to the bottom (and vice versa).

Skin Color

You can adjust your character's skin color from this section. The default coloring mode will allow easier color adjustment using a single parameter. However, if you want a more granular control, you can enable Use Advanced Colors. Enabling this will allow you to define a specific color for highlights, shadows, strokes and backlights.

To change any of the color parameters available, you can input a hexadecimal color code in the corresponding input field or access the color picker by clicking the right pointing triangle at the right side of the input field.

Below is an example on how each color parameter affect your character with Use Advanced Colors enabled.

Advanced Skin Color